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My wife and I have worked with Mark Rapson on several occasions to purchase multiple properties and he has always provided us with really good options.

His unique approach and experience in the industry brings a view of property which adds value to our property portfolio with each and every purchase. For example, we are in the final stages of securing 3 neighbouring properties, all zoned medium density which will reward us greatly in the future.

Darren M

“Mark has been providing us with guidance on our property portfolio for a number of years. His organisation has sourced 5 properties for our family.

We were able to significantly increase the value of each property by either subdividing, adding a ‘granny flat’ or renovating, plus one is a future townhouse development.”

Con A

“Running our own nursery business, a large family AND preparing for the arrival of our beautiful new twins, we were time-poor. Mark really took care of bringing our first investment property project from concept to sale.

Using the equity in our home, we put in no cash of our own and the project made of profit of $154,000 in 15 months! Mark’s ability to manage the relationships, all the details, keep us updated and bring everything together, guided the way. All we have to do now is put our money into our next deal!”

Cameron and Michelle C

“I am a GP, in a thriving practice, and I love what I do. Before I met Mark Rapson, I had money to invest, I had the smarts and the education to invest in property but the problem was, I STRUGGLED TO FIND THE TIME to do it.

Then I met Mark. Thanks to Mark’s knowledge and expertise in negotiating and managing a residential property development, a $51,000 investment returned a profit of $62,500 in just 9 months. That’s 120% cash on cash return!

That profit went straight into the next residential development, which took a $71,000 investment and turned it into a PROFIT of $81,000 (101% cash on cash return). These remarkable returns on my investment were only possible because Mark cared about the investments as much as if they were his own.

Thank you Mark, for your professionalism and integrity.”

Dr Mark C (GP)

“Thanks Mark for all your help, service and thorough process in the buying process enabled me to find the ideal property. Your experience in the buying process made a world of difference to the end result, and all the boxes were ticked.

I am extremely happy with the outcome.

I am very keen to recommend your services to friends and family.
Your attention to detail in selecting the right property really paid off and I look forward to working with you again in the near future.

An excellent outcome! Thank you again for a job well done.”

Daniel T

Highly Recommended!
We recently purchased an investment through Mark Rapson and his team, and would like to thank him for a very thorough and professional service. We were very specific what we were looking for as an investment. Not only did he find the ideal property, but also negotiated the best possible price, saving us far more that the cost of his services. Every step of the way Mark looked after us, explaining step by step what the order of events would be through constant communication.

The purchase involved renovations done by the vendor, so there were numerous inspections done on our behalf, all done to a professional level. Everything was taken care of seamlessly – we were even overseas for settlement.

There was nothing that was too difficult and all our many questions were dealt with and answered clearly. Mark and his team offered a full comprehensive service of which we highly recommend for anybody who wants to invest in property with confidence. Thanks!

Barb and Steve B

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My husband and I had built an extensive and lucrative property portfolio on our own.
We were looking for that added expertise that would take our returns to the next level. Utilising the same high growth strategies Mark uses in his own investments, he initiated and managed our property investment to make 118% cash on cash return within just 9 months.

Mark was also very flexible when we decided to switch strategies mid-track when our circumstances changed and we decided to sell instead of hold the investment.

During all stages of the process Mark was very helpful and kept us informed all the way.

I would like to thank you for the advice and guidance throughout, and making things go as smoothly as they did.

I highly recommend Mark’s services to anyone considering expanding their investment portfolio.

Clare T (Dentist)

Mark Rapson. 

I am writing to thank you for help and advice you gave me over the past few months which enabled me to purchase a rental property. Without your knowledge and expertise in the real estate market I would not have had the confidence to complete the purchase of the property.

A summary of the skills you displayed were:
You found the house that suited my needs in the price bracket I could afford but which yields excellent returns.
You negotiated the price, which saved enough to cover the expenses incurred.
You organised a solicitor, building inspector, pest inspector and a real estate agent to manage the property.
You were readily available to talk to answer any query I may have had.

The purchase of my property went smoothly and I would be happy to recommend your service.

Rex C

“I would just like to say thanks for all your help during the process of buying the property. I was extremely impressed with the service you provided, and the speed at which you were able to get things done. You made the process very simple and took a lot of the confusion out of the equation.

This certainly made the process a lot more enjoyable for my wife and I. I must say that you went above our expectations and if we get the opportunity to invest again, I will definitely be in touch.

Once again, thanks for all your assistance, support and can do attitude. It was very much appreciated.”

Best Regards
Adrian G

As a real estate professional, I am very happy to deal with buyers advocates.

I recently had the pleasure of selling a house which I was marketing, to one of Mark Rapson’s buyers. Mark’s approach was professional and the sellers appreciated dealing with serious buyers rather than wasting time and energy on ‘tyre kickers’

The whole process was very easy and straightforward for us and the vendor. The offer was upfront and clear, so everyone knew where we stood.

As this property was sold very early in the campaign, the sellers saved marketing costs and the negotiated offer satisfied their needs.

We are happy to confirm that Mark Rapson is someone that you should consider as a buyers advocate.

Mark W, (Real Estate Agent and Real Estate business owner)

As a real estate agent, dealing with a Buyers Advocate is great. A lot of buyers have very little idea of what they want so often I need to show them at least 10 houses before they find one of interest.

I like showing property to Buyers Advocates as we usually only need to look at 2 or 3 properties to select one that suits the buyer.

Mark Rapson approached me with his client and negotiation was simple and quick as they were transparent in the offer and I knew this was a serious buyer.

I look forward to dealing with Mark and another of his clients again.

Callum M (Real Estate Agent)

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