Working With Buyers to Acquire the Right Property (since 2003)

Working With Buyers to Acquire the Right Property (since 2003)

Buyer’s advocate reveals secrets of how to buy the Right Property at the Right Price...

...And Avoid the Pitfalls Most Buyers Make.

     “Success is a Set-up, Not an Accident!”

–     Prince Verma (Motivational Speaker)

This year we are committed to assisting 97 families to go from having Difficulty Buying a Property to Establishing Ownership Correctly, and Buy the Right Property at the Right Price so YOU can enjoy a Great Lifestyle with Leveraged Wealth through Property…

Experienced Buyers Advocates

As skilled buyers advocates our team at Tara Property Group have had a lot of experience assisting people to build a property portfolio as part of their wealth creation whether this be a first home or multiple investment purchase. 

We make the process smooth and simple and save you thousands of dollars.

“Mark has been providing us with guidance on our property portfolio for a number of years. His organisation has sourced 5 properties for our family.

We were able to significantly increase the value of each property by either subdividing, adding a ‘granny flat’ or renovating, plus one is a future townhouse development.”

Con A

Most people only buy one home in their lifetime and even as a home buyer you are investing in your future so it’s important to get it right first time.

At Tara Property Group we help you establish where and what to buy. We have access to great resources to analyse the property so that you can make a confident decision knowing you have all the facts.

We represent YOU, taking the emotion out of the transaction, making the process fun and simple for you!

“Thanks Mark for all your help, service and thorough process in the buying process enabled me to find the ideal property. Your experience in the buying process made a world of difference to the end result, and all the boxes were ticked.

I am extremely happy with the outcome.

Thank you again for a job well done.”

Daniel T

Have you had these Buyer Experiences?

A lot of the people that come to us for help seem to have similar experiences in their attempt to purchase a property. If you have already starting house hunting you may have encountered:

“I am a GP, in a thriving practice, and I love what I do.  Before I met Mark, I had money to invest, I had the smarts and the education to invest in property but the problem was, I STRUGGLED TO FIND THE TIME to do it. 

Thanks to Mark’s knowledge and expertise in negotiating and managing a residential property development, a $51,000 investment returned a profit of $62,500 in just 9 months.

Thank you for your professionalism and integrity.”

Dr Mark C (GP)

A Property Buying Guide to Help You Buy the Right Property at the Right Price

To streamline your process of buying a property we have put together, for you, a comprehensive time-saving buying guide including checklists outlining step-by-step what you need to do to buy your dream property, taking the stress out of house hunting.

Reap the Benefits. By Following this Guide You Will:

Download your step-by-step property buying guide NOW!