Are you frustrated with Real Estate Agents Misleading You...
...and Underquoting the Property Price?

Many buyers get frustrated with real estate agents misleading them and underquoting the property price. A common experience is that real estate agents neglect relevant information while exaggerating and twisting other facts.

Often the agent will compare the house for sale with other superior homes in order to justify the asking price. This means you need to use the correct research tools and spend a lot of your valuable time to verify what the agent is telling you is true. If you don’t you could end up paying too much on the property.

Misleading By Agents

Another classic story of the agent misleading the buyer is the example of the house with the large backyard. An agent may say there is room to develop the property by subdividing or adding another dwelling when often the property zoning does not allow this.

Wasting Money Because of Under-Quoting

Perhaps you spend a lot of time and money on due diligence preparing for an auction only to miss out on the property. You find that the agent misled you on what you could buy the property for and it actually sold way above your budget.

 The result is you go home empty-handed. This is a typical example of underquoting that unfortunately is far too common in the industry. It often leaves buyers looking for a long time with no success leading to frustration.

Emotions High and Frustration!

Real estate agents regularly take advantage of emotional buyers. First home buyers are particularly vulnerable to the misleading and underquoting. In your emotional state you hear what you want to hear. 

A good agent can tell you what you want to hear causing you to pay too much for your ‘dream’ property or just buying the wrong property. They say hindsight is 20/20. How would you feel in hindsight knowing you payed too much for the property just because in your emotional state you were misled?

Property is Not What You Thought

How many properties have you inspected where the photos look like the Hilton but the house is actually a shack? These tricks can be avoided when the agent tells the truth about the property. Generally the real estate agent will tell another agent the truth. 

This is where a buyer’s agent comes in. 

At Tara Property Group we have access to great resources to accurately verify the real estate agent’s claims so that you can make a confident decision knowing you weren’t misled by false information. We represent you, taking the emotion out of the transaction, making the process fun and simple for you!

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