Does Your Busy Schedule Prevent You from Finding Time to Search for a Property?

What we have noticed in 16 years of buying property for people is that they struggle to find the time to search for a property. How much time do you spend sorting through properties for sale on or creating a short list (or long list!) of properties to look at? The last thing you want to do is leave work and go to an open house for an inspection especially if it’s during the day or at the end of a long day’s work.

It’s the weekend; all you want to do is spend time with your family or friends or just relax. You don’t want to spend your time driving around, looking for parking spots, go in and out of properties and dealing with real estate agents. You have better things to do.

How Much is Your Time Worth?

You may not realize you are time poor and think that looking at one property a week is enough. Compare this to using a buyer’s agent where typically 30+ properties are assessed each week giving you a far greater selection. You are only viewing a few properties when there are almost always a lot more that match your criteria.  You could be limiting yourself by not having the pick of the crop to choose your dream property.

Perhaps you spend a lot of time and money on due diligence preparing for an auction only to miss out on the property. You find that the agent misled you on what you thought you could buy the property for and it actually sold way above your budget. The result is you go home empty-handed.

Are You getting Frustrated?

Now you’ve spent money and wasted weekends on looking for a property only to miss out at auction. How long can you look without success? Perhaps you might be getting emotional which could affect your decisions leading to endless frustration. It’s not uncommon for someone in this situation to just buy the next property they see just to end the process. People often come to regret this decision.

When time poor people reach out and engage a buyer’s agent they effectively get their time back and their dream property. If you would like a free no-obligation 30 minute consultation with us click here to book an appointment.

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